Doris Brothers, PhD, is a psychologist/psychoanalyst with private practices on the Upper
West Side of Manhattan and in Oslo, Norway. She works with individual adolescents and
adults as well as couples, families, and groups. She is a cofounder and faculty member of
the Training and Research in Intersubjective Self Psychology Foundation (TRISP) in New
York City where she has taught a wide variety of courses. She has published four books
and numerous articles. Her latest book written with Jon Sletvold is titled A New Vision of
Psychoanalytic Theory Practice, and Supervision: Talking Bodies was published by
Routledge in 2023. A forthcoming book with Jon Sletvold is entitled, A Psychoanalytic
Exploration of the Pleasures, Perils and Power of Relational Knowing.

She co-leads many supervision/study groups, presents papers, and teaches about
embodiment with Jon Sletvold. Widely traveled, she has presented her work in many parts
of the world.

Dr. Brothers’ approach to treatment combines elements of self psychology, intersubjectivity,
and relational systems theory. Believing that experience is embodied, she attends to her
own bodily reactions and to those of her patients. She views her patients as relational
partners in a therapeutic process that relies on empathy, trust, and compassion. Since
many psychological issues originate in trauma and its devastating aftermath, she strives to
provide a safe and dependable environment for the working through of traumatic